Monday, November 07, 2005

Mr. Buckaroo Fantastic

This is my dog. Okay lets call him what he really first child. I mean look at the face! How can you not fall madly in love with him. He is a rat terrier chihuahua mix. Back in the day you would just call him a mutt, but now a days he is called a hybrid dog. You know like the malti-poos and the yorkie-poos and the popular puggles. Joey bought him when he was about 6 weeks old. When he was a puppy he could fit in your front sweatshirt pocket. He weights about 7 or 8 pounds and is mostly fur. When he gets a bath he looks like a completely different dog. My sisters think he looks like fried chicken when hes all wet. He has the personality of a cat. You can find him most of the day sleeping in a ball on the top of the couch. He barks at all noises outside and gets this freak out high pitched whining when we get home. We call it his freak out dance. I can just go out to throw the trash or get the mail, but when I walk in Roo acts like I have been gone for weeks. I love this little guy.

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