Thursday, November 02, 2017


On a beautiful Saturday afternoon we took Elwood and spent the day at the Whitewater Preserve. This gem of a place has been a quick 20 minutes away from us the whole time! We got there a little after noon and we just got in the gate. There is limited parking spaces and once it's full the gates are closed. The place has lots of picnic areas and because it was at one time a trout farm, they still have big ponds.

There are a few different hiking trails. One of them was closed because of high fire conditions. The other one had a few shorter trails and we opted for the short hike to the river.

It was a very quick little walk along a rock lined path. We ended up at the foothill and the Whitewater River. The kids quickly took off their socks and shoes and waded in. But not as quickly as Elwood who immediately laid down in the cool water.

That morning when we told the girls that we were going to the preserve to hike they both groaned and complained. Both are usually pretty anti-outside.

They both loved it. And Elwood was in heaven. So many new smells!

My handsome boys

It was such a gorgeous place. I think because I grew up in an orchard and by the ocean the desert is so different and beautiful. We can't wait to go back. This time with board shorts and rash guards and a picnic.

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