Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Sunday in San Diego

A few Sunday's ago we headed our to North Park in San Diego. There is a super cute shop down there called Artlexia. This shop was having it's first annual Dia de los Muertos celebration so we wanted to check it all out. There were some great booths there, but it was a lot smaller than we expected. It only took us about an hour to see everything.

We walked North Park a little bit and then jumped back in the car and just let the day take us. We drove into Downtown San Diego. We drove around and checked out where the concert venue was and the hotel we are staying out for the NFG shows. We drove by Petco Park.

From there we headed to the Waterfront Park.

The day was gorgeous. We spent some time at the park and let the girls run around.

Then we walked across the street to the harbor. Lot of boats to see.

We got to see the USS Midway.

And I finally got to see "Unconditional Surrender".

After a nice long walk, we got back in the car and headed to Del Mar. We grabbed some dinner at Burger Lounge where they had the best lavander mint lemonade. I love these day trips that are so go with the flow. They usually take us to places we have never been and places that we might never plan on seeing.

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