Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Our First Ever Parent Teacher Conference

Last week we had our first ever parent teacher conference. Now if this would have been for Phi there would have been no anxiety. We would have went in expecting Phi's teacher to give high praise for our brilliant child! But this conference was for .....


our crazy one.

We walked into the classroom and Louie settled in.

Why so nervous Lou? 
We sat down with Louie's teacher, and the sub who has been teaching the class for a few weeks now since OG teach is out on maternity leave.

They offered us fresh fruit and cookies, which we declined. We chit-chatted with Louie's teacher. (She's a friend!) Then we got down to the nitty-gritty.

I held my breath expecting to hear how she is behind and to put together a game plan to catch her up before the end of the year. Remember Louie was homeschooled until this year and my expectations of my own child is WAY different than an actual teachers.

Turns our Louie is doing awesome. Words like exceptional and phenomenal where thrown around. Not only is she doing well, but she is showing improvements in all subjects and has mastered her 2nd grade math and reading requirements are moving on to 3rd grade math and reading.

Not only is she doing great in academics, she is also well-behaved and even helpful to her friends in class. Her teacher told a sweet story about when Louie's friend was in charge of calendar for the week. Calendar is when a student goes up in front of the class and tells the date, what the day was before, what the day is after, gives the weather and counts the class money and tells if the day is even or odd. (I would have been nervous too!)

See Louie had done calendar a few weeks earlier. The weekend before Louie's turn for calendar she was really nervous. She keep wanting to practice with us. After that Monday we asked Louie how calendar went and she loved it. So fast forward a few weeks later and it was Louie's friend turn. Her friend was nervous, so all on her own, Louie went up and helped her friend with the whole calendar job.

That's my girl.

This story made me so proud. Because of course I want my kids to do well academically, but more importantly I want them to be kind.

So all and all in was a great experience as far as parent teacher conferences go.

Louie with her 41+ week pregnant teacher.
Thank goodness she had the baby the next day! 

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