Sunday, July 09, 2017

Morro Bay for the 2nd Year in a Row

After a wonderful day exploring Hearst Castle, we checked into our hotel. With Morro Bay being a pretty small town, we were able to walk everywhere from our hotel room. Our first night we let Louie pick the restaurant. we ended up at ....

Because of course we did. The next day we ate breakfast at the hotel and we had a whole Saturday ahead of us. We went out to explore the town.

We found a pirate near the boats, then saw him again at the Farmers Market.

The day was spent looking through shops and enjoying some seriously good food. The clam chowder at Ju Ju's on the Bay was amazing.

After a BBQ dinner and a trip to the grocery store for dessert we got a good nights sleep and the next day we checked out of our hotel and headed out for a bay cruise.

And of course, the whole reason the kids want to come to Morro Bay is to visit the sea otters.

When Louie spots these guys up close, it looks a lot like this....


But look at these faces...

And check out the teeth on this guy!

Before we started our trek back South we drove up Black Hill to get a spectacular view of Morro Bay

It was a relaxing and fun couple of days. The girls did great with all the walking and were even adventures when it came to trying new food. Phi learned she likes scallops.

Then we were back in the Cruiser and headed to one last birthday experience!!

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  1. Morro bay is one of the beautiful place on earth.All the pics which you have shared are so refreshing to see.I am glad that you had a wonderful time there.


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