Friday, July 14, 2017

Dinner at the Madonna Inn

For the last part of our trip we did one more thing we had never done before. And it was something that I had always wanted to do.

In San Luis Obispo, Ca there is a kooky wacky awesome hotel called The Madonna Inn. For over 50 years this hotel has been renting out over 100 themed rooms.

We have yet to stay there, but over the years we have visited the place just for it's coolness. My Mom loves the pink champagne cake and Joey loves to pee in the rock waterfall urinal.

On our way back from Morro Bay we stopped by and wandering through the Secret Garden.

Where Louie could let off some steam.

And of course I could take some selfies.

We wandered the garden waiting for our reservations for dinner at the Alex Madonna's Gold Rush Steak House. And amazing explosion of pink and good food!

We were all so excited to eat here! They set us up at a gorgeous table with fancy glasses. They brought pink balloons for all of them.

We had an amazing meal and after they brought 3 giant slices of pink champagne cake. So yummy.

It was the perfect end to another amazing birthday trip.


  1. WOW! How could i miss this place! Though whenever ive passed by it maybe i never paid much attention. I'll visit for sure next time.


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