Wednesday, April 12, 2017

At the Bowers with Frida

The Bowers Museum in Santa Ana is currently showing the exhibit, "Frida: Her Photos". An exhibit of some of the photos found in her house. I have seen this exhibit once before at MOLAA, but when my Comadre Patricia asked if I wanted to get together to go I jumped at the chance. I will never see enough Frida, and an afternoon with not only Patricia, but with my cousin Erika with a K Darling and my Tia Grace, it made for a perfect Sunday afternoon.

Of course there was no photography allowed at all in the exhibit. (No pictures of the pictures!)
And you know that I am of those rule followers. Plus they had staff everywhere! The photos spanned from Frida's parents before she was even born, to Frida right before her death. Looking at her photos is so different than looking at her painting. Her painting show her emotions, her insides and the photos give you a glimpse of her real life. Her day-to-day. Which of course is amazing to see. Out of all the photos on exhibit this is my favorite...

Just for the record this was not a photo taken by me! 

I will admit this here and now, I am not a fan of Diego Rivera. The person or the art. They way he treated Frida and just added to her turmoil is just unforgivable. But this photo just really captures Frida's obsession with the man. She loved this ugly unfaithful man something fierce, just like Frida took on life. Her fierceness got her through life.

My own little Frida's...

This was our first trip to the Bowers Museum so we wandered through the entire thing. We saw some California history and I learned a new word that I am obsessed with...


Seriously how great is that word. They had some great Chinese and Polynesian exhibits filled with crazy things like dog teeth necklaces and elephant tusks carved with the most tiny detail.

There was also this super cool exhibit of hand painted movie posters from Ghana. Back in the 90's these little "movie houses" were popping up playing VHS tapes of American movies.

OMG, 10 year old me would have loved this mural in my room!
 Since they did not have access to Hollywood movie posters, the got creative and made up their own. Can you guess the movies these are advertising?

Mario Lopez, is that you?? 
 These were seriously so awesome to see. Some were just painted on canvas and other were painted on mega flour sacks.

I love art museums. They fill my soul. It was the best to explore with my cousins and Tia's. We got a lot of ideas for Erika's Polynesian themed wedding. haha!

We just found out that there is a Frida and Diego painting exhibit in Arizona. Think it's time for a family road trip!

You can check out Phi's blog post on out trip by CLICKING HERE 

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