Friday, March 10, 2017

This IS Us

My DVR is set to record all new episodes of the NBC show "This Is Us". When I finally get the time to settle in with a glass of wine and watch, the kids get comfy on the couch. They don't want to watch the show. They want to watch me watch the show. They know that every single episode, at some point, I will cry. Every single time. The girls just sit there staring at me. Sometimes I hear them whisper to each other..

"Are her eyes watering?"

"She is totally going to cry at the next scene".

And then when the waterworks finally start, they cheer!

But from the first episode, I was hooked. It filled the hole that Parenthood left, which filled the hole when Brothers and Sisters left.

The way the show moves back and forth in time is awesome, but I have to admit I love the scenes from when the kids were little. Mostly because I hate Rebecca without Jack.

And I am not gonna lie, Milo Ventimiglia as a loving, devoted father is a HUGE draw.

He is so sweet and that scene from the most recent episode where he takes that girls hand off his leg and yells that he is a married man and she was embarrassing herself. It is exactly how I would want Joey to react when a woman touches beard. (It has happened!)

These shows about families get me every time. Now the day there is show this good and this sappy with a Chicano family my heart will not be able to take it.

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