Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Visit with the Otters

My sister lives near Morro Bay. And Morro Bay is where sea otters like to hang out. And if there is one thing Louie loves more than anything it's sea otters. So on the way home we made a stop at Morro Bay.  Louie was beyond excited....

It was so cold in Morro Bay. And yes she is in an otter jacket. So cold that only a handful of otters were out.

Louie sat on the sidewalk and just watched her spirit animals groom and even dive for food. One otter came up with a crab! She was so excited to see and hear the otter eating.

We walked down to the beach and saw these signs. Louie was happy to see it so that people would know how to act around otters.

Before we left Louie asked if she could leave a note in the sand....

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  1. She looks so much like Sophia in the top photo!


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