Thursday, November 17, 2016

Is it too late for Pumpkin Posts?

Life has been busy so I am just getting to our pumpkin patch pictures. This year the usual pumpkin patch is getting pretty pricey. I mean $10 to get into a pumpkin patch! We almost skipped pumpkins all together, but then Joey mentioned Greenspot Farms in Mentone. So on a rainy weekend day we headed over.

So glad we did. A very charming and very cute little farm with everything you need.

This cute little house was called "The Honey House".

Inside was honey tasting and a live honeycomb. Very cool to see the little guys at work and we were so excited to find out that a big chunk of the farm is avocado orchard which means they have avocado honey. Have you tried it? It's super dark and super sweet. It's our favorite type of honey.

Also how cute are my three honey's in front of the Honey House?

Right next to the Honey House were rows and rows of Christmas Trees. Looks like we know where we will be going for Christmas time!

There were tractor hay rides....

And mini-horses! Louie loves these guys because they are little like her!

So this cow here. Louie and Phi tried and tried to get her to moo. Then the moment we walked away she let out a loud "MOO!"

There was a bunny hutch with a bunch of super cute bunnies!

They had a corn maze set up near a little old school playground. But they had it set up with scary masks and Louie was not having it.

Since we hit up the patch 2 days before Halloween, the actual pumpkins in the patch were scarce. But still totally adorable.

Complete with scarecrows. 

We gave the girls the camera to get a photo of just us.

Greenspot Farms even has a fire pit and sitting area. Not just a regular fire pit, but the biggest one I have ever seen. It was legit #firepitgoals

There was great little gift shop that sold trinkets, fresh fruit, and honey. It was the kind of place that has a giant dog just lounging near a heater. And they also had all the good pumpkins in a covered area.

Phi is just not amused.

It was a super fun day. Rainy and cozy and filled with pumpkins and barn animals. As the girls get older I am starting to realize that these types of outings will be fewer and far between. I am trying my best to soak them all in.

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