Friday, September 09, 2016

Stranger Things + Art

I kept hearing about this Netflix show called "Stranger Things". I stayed away because I usually don't do scary shows. But then my boss, who also doesn't do scary shows, said that she binge watched it and loved it. She told me that the first episode was the scariest (she totally lied!) and that it wasn't very scarey but that I shouldn't watch it alone.

So Joey and I started in and a couple of weeks later I was sitting on my couch in tears because it was over. Of course I am not completely obsessed. It's just my personality. Seriously this was me....

Thanks to my obsession I have been trolling the internet for interviews with the cast, crazy fan theories, any news on the next season. As I was looking I kept finding all these amazing fan art. I love art so much.

Here are some on my favorites....

Barb by GENZOMAN on DeviantArt

Eleven and Barb were my favorite characters. I love all these campaigns going around looking for justice for Barb. 

The kids in Gravity Falls style.... Perfect.

But this! This is my absolute favorite!

Now... how do I convince my family to dress up as the characters for Halloween??? 

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