Monday, August 22, 2016

Louie Misses Phi

So we have been in school for a few weeks now. We are starting to get into a routine and I have to admit that I am missing homeschooling Phi. I feel like I only really see her for 3 hours a day.

Insert sad face emoji here.

As much as I miss Phi during the day, Louie is taking it the hardest. She is not crying or moping around or anything. Instead she is directing her emotion into big projects for her sister. Over the last few weeks she has..

  • made a sea otter diorama with cardboard, paper and a soda can
  • put together a playlist of her sisters favorite songs
  • set up a dance party for her and her sister
  • drawn many many many pictures for her sister
  • let her sister pick the night music more than once
  • made me write down jokes that she could tell her sister
All day, Louie is thinking of ways to make her sister happy. I think she hopes that if she gives Phi gifts, she will miss Louie as much as Louie misses Phi. 

The girls are used to being with each other all day, everyday. And Phi is really loving junior high and she says things like "I can't wait for school on Monday" and I am sure that hearing things like that are hard for Louie to hear. I am glad that she is using these feelings to be a little more crafty and creative. And Phi is great and they get along great for the few hours they are together during the week. At night Phi reads to Louie from her Babysitters Club graphic novels. On the weekends they binge watch Rob and Big and Fantasy Factory together. 

I am so glad that Phi is loving school, and I am glad that Louie is adjusting to the change. But I am really happy to see how much my girls love each other. 

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  1. That's so nice! It took until you left for college for us to all miss each other


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