Friday, July 08, 2016


Last week my Tia Mary tagged me on one of those "post 5 pictures for 5 days" things that was suppose to show the strength and love of marriage. I told her the moment she tagged me that she would regret it. Now this is me and Joey. We were not just going to post cute lovey dovey pics of us. Frankly I don't have that many. Instead we took it to the next level. We want to keep it real. Like super real.

Day 1: a photo of us exactly at the moment Tia Mary tagged us. It was a weekend morning and we were dragging our butts to get the kids feed. We are not morning people. It's something Joey and I have in common. In fact we both hate mornings. No make up, scraggly beard. It's what we look like when we are just home being lazy. 

Day 2:  Just for the record this is totally staged. This scene has not happened in real life since 2006. But let's be real. It has happened. This is real life married life sometimes. People get sick, sometimes its from the flu and sometimes its from too many Budweiser's but there is going to be a time when you are holding someones hair, or in my case beard. 

Day 3: No joke this is Joey and I every night. And I would put money that this is most couples every night. We sit silently looking over everyone else's social media. Once in awhile he will show me something he finds funny. Or I will ask "did you see where so-and-so went today?". It may seem dull and boring but it helps us stay connected to our family and friends. It is also where we find really cool places to go visit or places to eat. We even find our next art piece on here sometimes.

Day 4: Joey's ideas were all the bathroom ones. Just putting that out there. But unlike the last bathroom scene, this one is frequent. One of my cousins commented that she would never be at this level in her relationship. I had to explain that 4 people + 1 bathroom= seeing each other on the toilet. I mean we still have a line. We do close the door sometimes but most time we do not. I mean this man has seen me push 2 humans out of me, the mystery is long gone. And really how nice is it to always have someone to grab you a roll when you're out. Just remember it's paper over, never under, That is grounds for divorce right there.

Day 5: Our last post! We actually stuck with it for 5 whole days! Go us. This one shows just how Joey and I feel about posting our lives on social media. If you follow Joey anywhere you know that he either never ever posts and when he does it's usually video of his off-road drive home or maybe a snake. Now if you follow me you know that I post a minimum of a few times a day. If you follow me everywhere then you usually know exactly what I am doing all day long. And you best believe f I am feeling my look there will me a selfie, or 2 or 3. I don't think J has ever posted a selfie. He may find my need to document my every move ridiculous but I know he loves it deep down. He likes to see what the kids and I are up to while he's at work.

We may have taken a "keeping it real" approach to this #loveyourspousechallenge" but the real real is that I love this man and the life we created. #1 for us is laughter. It is key so naturally we had to have some fun with this. Marriage is putting up with each others weird obsessions, watching boring TV you would never watch (UFC/Kardashians!), its bringing someone toilet paper when the roll is empty. It is perfect posed photos and the messy parts of life. My family is filled with happy, fun, long-lasting marriages. Joey and I are at 10 years, so we are just babies at this but we are really enjoying the ride.

Thanks for tagging us Tia Mary! Picos to you! 


  1. this made me laugh but i also thought it was great, real & honest. i'm not married but i always love seeing couples who don't need to portray their lives as all rainbows & unicorns...that's not real. good stuff :)

  2. I love this! My husband recently said "Marriage is really just a battle of wills over who's going to take out the kitchen trash this time," so I'm totally on board with keeping it real.


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