Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Birthday Trip 2016- Day1-2 Morro Bay

This year for Joey, Sophia and Louie's birthday we opted for a trip instead of gifts and a party.

 Best idea ever. 

Now if you follow us on any social media platform that you know that Louie is just a little bit obsessed with sea otters. So a trip to Morro Bay and Monterey Bay was just obvious. Our beautiful perfect niece Ellie was baptized in San Luis Obispo on a Saturday, so we used this has our starting point. After the baptism my sisters and all the kids and us headed to Morro Bay for a late lunch. While sitting on a deck over the water Uncle Kelly casually told Louie, "hey look over there". And there floating right off the deck was a real life honest to goodness sea otter. Here is Louie as she spotted the first otter of what would be many otters. 

We walked along the harbor.

I got these photos and realized that we picked the absolute perfect god-parents for Louie.

As we walked we saw 2 otters just right there. Hanging out. I could not believe how cute sea otters are. The hype is real.

After that we drove over to the big Morro Bay rock. My sister Elaine said that it's where the otters like to hang out. She wasn't lying.

We saw lots of otters. Some wrapped in kelp napping. We even saw a Mom and her pup. Can you see the pup in the picture above?

We said good-bye to the rest of the family and we checked into our hotel. It was like 60 degrees out but the girls begged us to let them go swimming in the non-heated pool. We did and they lasted about 20 minutes. We went back to our room and headed to downtown Morro Bay to grab dinner.

If there is a contest for most otter stuff in one city Morro Bay could be a contender. This picture really just captured the whole trip for Louie.

I don't think she understood how much fun it was for us to watch her get so excited. We had dinner outside even though it was cold. Louie wanted to be as close to the otters as she could. As we left for the night she stood on the deck and yelled a good night to all the otters.

The next morning I immediately jumped on the girl's bed and squeezed my Phi because it was her birthday! Then we all attacked Joey because it was his birthday too!

We went to a little breakfast place for some food and headed back to the rock one last time to check out the otters. Or as Louie called it "stalk on them".

Louie got a little braver and got a little bit closer. 

My baby was in otter heaven. She was one with her spirit animal that day. 

Next up, we hit the road to Monterey Bay.......


  1. What a great trip. I love all the photos!

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