Friday, December 04, 2015

The Sister Show Season 2!

Did you know that Phi and Louie have their very own YouTube show?

Well they do and Season 2 is officially here and episode 1 is the best one they have ever made. It has special guests, a live studio audience and even a blooper reel!  All thanks to my handsome and talented cousin Victor! While visiting family over the Thanksgiving weekend the girls put together a quick script and Victor produced, directed, edited the show and even put together an amazing into. And he did it all in about an hour. (The guy is mad talented!) 

So here it is..... 

You can find more awesome videos by Victor on his YouTube channel!

Vic, thanks so much for doing this for the girls. You are such an awesome person and I am so honored to be your cousin. I love you so much! 

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