Wednesday, November 25, 2015

LA Auto Show 2015

Living in a house filled with girls (even the hamster is a girl) you would think that Joey's weekends are filled with Hello Kitty conventions, princess parties and American girl doll salon appointments. And sometimes it is! But just like the girls share their Mom's love for crafting, baby sea otters and boy bands, they also share their Poppa's love of cars. And me and cars? Well let's just say I was a tad bit into lowrider culture as a youth. I may or may not written to the editor of Lowrider magazine (I totally did and it was totally published). 

And now lots of photos...

Doesn't this look like something out of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon?

Mork Calling Orson.....Come in Orson.....

Their favorite part was the remote control cars.

She needs work on her posing in front of a lowrider like a gangster pose. 

Yes I know. Super hot. 

The girls and I decided that this is a total Fozzie bear car. Wocka-wocka. 

In front of the Darth Vader mobile. Louie's new smile is identical to my sister Ouie's smile at this age. LIKE EXACTLY!

And of course we took advantage of all the photo booths....

 Seriously the best family picture we have taken all year. Is the Mystery Machine appropriate for a holiday card?

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