Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Homeschool Week 11: Rock and Roll All Night and Party Everyday

This week was special because Momma had a business trip one afternoon was spent with Grandma doing homework. They loved the change of pace.


Language Arts: This week was about the letter "Kk". So naturally the band of the week was..

 We rocked out to a little "rock and roll all night" and of course we "partied everyday". We are still reviewing flashcards twice a day and she is rocking it. She is excited for the new letter each week. She is still doing some simple blending and everywhere we go she is recognizing letters. This week we worked on sight words and I was surprised at how many she knew.

Reading: I loved this weeks lesson on mental imagery. We talked about the images that come up when reading a story. We read a book about monsters and midway we stopped and Louie drew a picture of what she thought what the monster would look like. She also read a Halloween poem with Grandma and drew a picture of the setting. This was such a cute lesson and a great way to introduce kids to imagery from reading. That has always been something about reading that I love, imagining what they setting and characters in a story look like. 

Writing: We continued on with the writing lesson. I think this program would be really great taught by someone who is familiar with it. I am still not sure if I am doing the lessons right. This week we used some sight words in sentences.

Math: Number 10! We are in double digits. Louie is still not great at recognizing all the numbers. Instead she has to write them out until she gets to the number she needs. I think we are going to have to include some rounds of Uno into the mix. This week we also started working on equal to, greater than and less than. To help Louie remember we talked about how the alligator wants to eat the bigger number. We used dice to write down random pairs of numbers and then she had to put in the correct symbol. She did very well.

Social Studies: No social studies this week!

Science: Since this was Halloween week science was all about pumpkins! We were not going to carve pumpkins this year but since Louie was studying them we got one. Louie the little Scientist and Poppa recorded different observations about the pumpkin. She counted the lines, measured the height, counted the seed (there were over 500!) and even did an experiment to see if it would float.


Language Arts: This week Phi finished reading The Sign of the Beaver. She had the usual comprehension questions. She said that she liked this book better than Hatchet. I am so glad that she in enjoying the books this year. I hope that the next book has a great female lead this time. Fingers crossed.

Math: Phi came home this week with a note from her teacher that she needed to work on her math vocabulary. So of course flash cards were made. This week the 8 problems were about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals. Her teacher gave her some great notes so we were able to get through the week pretty easily.

Social Studies: We are still working on Native Americans from different regions. This week was about Plains Native Americans. The tribe she decided to focus on was the Walla Walla Tribe. We did the same worksheets we have been doing with all the other regions. She researched shelters, food and clothes.

Science: We are still working on the different systems of the body. This week was the skeletal system. I found a great interactive website that helped her learn the different types of bones and where they are located. She did a vocabulary worksheet and comprehension questions. She also had to make  model of something to represent the skeletal system. She choose to make the model of a bone. She used food to make a bone.

Does it look like a burrito with sting around it. Yes it does. Here is what the inside looks like.

 The yarn represents blood vessels. The strawberry jam is the bone marrow, The lady fingers are the spongy bone and the wafers are the compound bone. The tortilla is the membrane on the outside.

So we are onto week 12. We are very close to a break! And I am ready for a break.

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