Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Homeschool Week 9: Foo Fighters, Hooting Owls, Pumping Hearts


Language Arts: This week we worked on the letter Ff. Now I don't know why we didn't think of this sooner but we decided to us some good ol' rock and roll. Basically we watched a lot of Foo Fighters videos.

Besides the worksheets and the videos about the letter F we sent a lot of time making up funny F sentences. Our favorite was "Felix Fights Foo Fighters". Alliteration for the win.  Louie is still doing great with blending. The issue now is she is memorizing the books we are reading so she is not really trying. I am going to chalk this up to word recognition.

Reading: This week we on sequence of events. There are a bunch of great books that we got to listen to and read some really cute and silly books like "We're Going on a Bear Hunt", "The Napping House" and "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Leaf". We used cut out pictures to help Louie recall the sequence of events of each story. She did really great with this.

Writing: We continued on with the writing program the teacher has sent home. I am completely lost on this. I hope I am not the only parent completely lost. Basically I have her write a sentence to a story 3 times a week. This week was all about her hamster Persimmon. She also draws a picture to go with each sentence.

Math: I need to get better at spreading out the number of the week. Usually we get those worksheets done the first few days and by the last day when we review she doesn't remember it. This week was about 8. We also worked on ordinal numbers and did a lot of cut and paste worksheets.

Social Studies: American Symbols. Heck ya! We looked at things like the Statue of Liberty, the American flag, the bald eagle and buildings like the White House. While working with Louie about this I learned that Uncle Sam was named after the U.S. Mind Blown.

Science: This week we moved from one nocturnal animal to another. From bats to owls. Louie and Poppa read all about owls and did a really cute project where they made a lunch box for an owl. She filled it with bugs, snakes and rats. So cute.


Language Arts: Phi read chapters 7-12 of The Sign of the Beaver. The story is getting really interesting. Matt had a run in with a bee hive and was saved by a Native American man and his grandson. As a thank you a deal is made and Matt agrees to teach Attean (the grandson) how to read. A friendship is starting to blossom. Phi had some comprehension questions to answer and some worksheets about how Attean and Matt are learning from each other. We also had a grammar worksheet to do.

Social Studies: We continued learning about Native American tribes this time we looked at the South West. Phi choose the Navajo tribe. We looked at who they ate, wear and where they lived. She put together a little book about them. She also had a project where she had to make a satchel. Her's turned out super cute!

Math: We have moved from decimals and worked on double digit multiplication. This year her teacher is using her one on one sessions to concentrate on math which I like. I can tell that it is helping because she came with the procedure down. She also came home with a note from her teacher saying that Phi needed to memorize her multiplication tables. Amen sister. I have been trying for 2 years to get her to memorize those. We added flashcards to her daily school routine this week.

Science:  We are studying the cardiovascular system. We looked at how the heart works to take oxygenated blood cells all over the body. As part of the lesson she had to do something to demonstrate the cardiovascular system. She went with something that demonstrated how a heart beats and moves blood. We used a small mason jar about ha;f way filled with water. She cut of the bottom of a balloon and stretch is over the top. Poke to holes and add to 2 straws on each end. Tape the part of the balloon you cut to one straw to make a valve. Then when you push on the center of the balloon water will be pushed out of one straw. Just like how blood moves through the heart and and body.

Can't believe we are 9 week in! 

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