Punk Rock Parents: Frankie Liked to Sing by John Seven and Jana Christy

Monday, September 21, 2015

Frankie Liked to Sing by John Seven and Jana Christy

Last week I got a package in the mail from Abram Kids, a publishing company. So we all know that I have a slight love for books. And by slight I mean immense.  So I was very excited because these are the people behind Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. I opened the package to find this....

I swear sometime I think people are spying on us. Recently Louie and Phi found a Frank Sinatra song on their ipod. Of course there is a story behind the song so here we go...

When I was pregnant with Louie my top choice for a name was Delilah. See that song by Plain White T's was super popular and I loved the old-fashion feel to the name. But most importantly I wanted her to have her name in a cool song. I always wanted a song with my name in it. So Joey was not about that name so he knew that he had to come back with a old-fashion like name that was in a song. He searched and  succeeded. Late one night he put some ear buds in my ears and I listened to 2 songs that night with the same name in it. One of them was this one...

And that was it. Thanks to Frankie we had a name for our new baby girl, Louella 

Okay so that's the story and the girls have been playing this on repeat recently singing and dancing along with Frank. Then this book by John Seven and Jana Christy arrives. I am telling you spies. 

I got a chance to read to the book to the girls last night and they loved it. A great story that gives us a kid friendly version of the life of a true musician. Frankie had song in his veins since he was a little lad singing in his Dad's bar for nickels. At the end of the book is a great list compiled by the authors that are great songs for kids by Sinatra himself. I let Louie and Phi pick one to listen to before bed and they choose The Coffee Song. We all agreed that Frank Sinatra was a heck of a singer. I think a quick trip up to his Palm Springs to take the Sinatra tour might be in order.

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