Monday, August 31, 2015

#TangleTalk with No More Tangles®

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Tangles are a constant nuisance in our house thanks to Louie. Let me tell you 2 things about Louie.

1. She refuses to cut her hair. We have managed to get her into a salon for a cut one time and that's only because she made us swear it would only be a trim. Even then we still had to bribe her with lollipops. Here is how long her hair is now...

This kid is more hair than child. It is thick and wavy too. 

2. She hates having her hair combed because let's face it, combing out tangles hurts. 

This year Louie started Kindergarten which means we have 2 kids in school and mornings have become more hectic than ever. Combing Louie's hair can be a nightmare of tears, and yelling. Some days the waterworks start at the mention of the comb. It is not a great way for any of us to start the day. It leaves everyone frustrated and angry. 

Since sending her to school with bed head is not an option we are very happy to have the No More Tangles ® by Johnson's ® products to help is stay tangle-free and get our mornings off to a great start. The only tears should come from me when I watch my tiny kindergarten walk away from me and head to her class. (I swear I will get it under control by winter break!)

The faster I can get Louie's hair done the better. 

Quick Tip: Use a plastic fishing tackle box to keep your rubber bands and clips organized! No more wasted time looking for a green ponytail holder! 

By using the trifecta of No More Tangles® of washing with the Shampoo & Conditioner (Side note: I LOVE that they make a formula specific to thick curly hair), adding some leave-in conditioner after a hair wash and using the detangler spray for every hair combing session is a life/time saver. When we consistently use all three products we can keep those pesky tangles at bay. 

This give me more time for hair braiding. Since Louie is off to school and will be playing out in the playground and well there is always the possibility of the dreaded lice, (eek) I like to keep her hair in tight braids and out of her face. Braids take time so in order to get Louie to sit still I allow her to play a game on her tablet while I work my magic. 

My favorite braid is the fishtail. It's easy, relatively quick and people are always so impressed with how it looks. Thanks to No More Tangles®  I can get all of Louie's hair combed, braided and looking healthy and beautiful in just a few minutes! It is a great time to talk with Louie and have a happy start to our day. 

Now that's a Good Hair Day!

Thanks for listening to my....

This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with JOHNSON'S® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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