Friday, August 21, 2015

I Don't Think I Can Do This

I must have thought those words about 100 times over the last couple of days. I knew coming into this school year that it would require some adjustments. We were going from homeschooling 1 kids to 2 kids. It had been on the back of my mind all summer, but I was able to push it deep down into the back of my subconscious. Then the girls had their first session and both came home with folders filled with the first weeks worth of work. I sat there with a pile of paperwork and a whole list of things that would have to get done in 7 days. I almost broke down in tears.

I will admit it that I had a mini panic attack. It was overwhelming. Like made me dizzy overwhelming. 5th grade work is intense. Right off the bat we have a novel to read, all the states and capitals to memorize, a state report, and new math concepts to learn. And then there is Louie. I thought kinder would be easy and then I realized that we will be teaching her the foundation of everything she will ever learn. This time around we are responsible for teaching her her letters and numbers. If we get this wrong she will never be academically successful.

I told Joey how I was feeling and I had him reassure me that I always feel like this the first few days. Getting into a new routine is going to be hard. We are only 2 days in and we have accomplished a lot but it's still scary and intimidating. I am still wondering if we could really do this.

But deep down I know that we can. That I will juggle a full-time job, a household, 2 blogs,and teaching 5th and kindergarten. The days are going to be too short and there may be times when we just don't get it all done and that's going to be okay.

I am so very happy to have this opportunity to homeschool my girls. I only have them at home with me for a short time. They are only kids for a few years. We are only going to homeschool up until 5th grade so this time is limited. It's hard and frustrating and seems impossible at times, but worth it.

So worth it.

I get to be with my kids everyday thanks to this charter school and to the amazing business I work for. I really believe that this will help my girls to become the best people they can be.

For these faces I will do anything.....

.... even teach 5th grade math. 

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