Monday, August 24, 2015

Because Of Course It's A.....The Big Gender Reveal

We had a lot to celebrate over the weekend. The first exciting event was the big gender reveal. My little sister Elaine is 21 weeks pregnant and had just had her big 4 month ultra-sound. The tech wrote down the gender and put it in a sealed envelope. My sister took that envelope to a baker and had a cake made. On Saturday we poured sparkling cider and sparkling wine and Elaine and Kelly cut the cake. The frosting center would tell us if the family was getting a boy or girl....

Of course it's a girl. My family is full of girls. With this new baby girl the count is..

Boys: 6
Girls: 9

I also want to note that 3 of those boys married in and 1 was adopted in. 

We are so excited to be getting a brand new baby girl in the family. Her last ultrasound was hands down the cutest ultrasound picture I have ever seen. This little girl is so loved. 

And after some time to absorb the news Kelly is now on #Teamgirl

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