Friday, August 14, 2015

Dirt Road Diary: Black Mountain Fire Tower

Last weekend we took a last minute off-road trip up Black Mountain Road near Idyllwild. We have taken this trail before and it's so close to the house, it's one of my favorites. This time Uncle Matty wanted to take us up to the Fire Tower. We were not prepared for the gorgeousness that awaited us.

Driving the trail. I love this dirt road.

We took a left turn and parked at this amazing secluded campground. We are thinking about doing a weekend camping trip up there. Then we started a 1/4 mile hike up. That is a sugar pinecone in Louie's hand!

Everywhere you looked there were breathtaking views. I mean seriously it's like a postcard!

This morning Louie insisted she wear her hair completely down. This was one of those pick your battle moments so I just let her wear her hair down. Of course she flipped her hair all dang day.

The tower is only open until 5pm and we got started on the trail a little after 4:30. 

Hair, hair, everywhere...

The kids did a great job up the trail. I have been dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck and the pain was radiating through my shoulder, back, arms and especially right leg. But it gave me time to take pictures like this.

A tiny bird house on the top of a mountain. How cute. 

And the hike was so worth it. We rounded the last corner and came up to the fire tower. 

There is Uncle Matty, Poppa, Phi and Louie at the top of the tower. 7,772 feet in elevation. This tower is run by volunteers. They get to stay in the tower. There is a tiny stove, a bed and 360 views. Views like this...

Our traditional picture of the boys. I have one from every off-roading trip.

Then it was time to head back down.

So sappy.

Full moon sighting.

 After we headed back down the mountain we made a stop at Lake Fulmor. One of these day we are going to have to take the girls there to go fishing.

There is something about the algae in the water that makes it look black and makes it super reflective and make pictures look like mirror images.

What a picture perfect Sunday afternoon. 

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