Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Roman Chavez

We should be celebrating his 28th birthday but instead we are remembering him on the 8th anniversary of the day Roman died.

My cousin was a funny guy who loved video games, metal music and wrestling. Every time a new video game system is released I think about how excited Roman would have been. He also has a family who loves him and misses him very much.

Drawing by Danny Rodriguez
This year I felt a lot of the pain of losing Roman resurface. Losing our Tata and spending time in the same mortuary, church and cemetery was hard.


I still miss you so much. I am comforted in the thought that Tata is with you. He must have been so happy to be reunited with you, his beloved grandson. I tell the girls all about you and Sophia brags to Louella that you got to hold her when she was a baby. I love you.

Your Big Cousin

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