Monday, April 06, 2015

Big Rock, Landers California

After we left Hicksville we took advantage of being out near Landers,Ca. We made a quick drive by the Integratron . Getting a sound bath there is so on my bucket list. I really really want to try it. I grabbed a quick pic and it looks like the aliens are landing. Very fitting. 

We were heading to Big Rock. Last November we stopped at this rock after an afternoon of off roading. It was super cool and then I came home and researched it a bit and HOLY CRAP I became obsessed with it. (You can read a bit about it HERE) Every day since November I have thought about this rock every single day.

You really need a Landcruiser for size comparison.

Louie is Coachella ready.

Just playing on the exact site where a man blew himself up.

I was so happy to be able to visit this crazy place again. 

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