Thursday, March 05, 2015

Kinder Bound

I feel like this was Louie a few days ago.

My tiny little 6 pound hairy baby!

This week this happened.....

Our baby is going to kindergarten. Of course it's a homeschool kindergarten program but still. These almost 5 years have gone by so freaking fast. She wanted to turn in her application all by herself because that's how she rolls. 

So that's it. We are there. We have 2 kids. No babies, no toddlers, not even a pre-schooler. We have kids, in school.

If you know Louie at all than you know how she feels about going to school.

If you don't this is a photo taken right after she dropped off her application....

She is very excited. And I am very excited to see her learn, grow, make friends and become even more awesome than she already is.

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