Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Homeschool Week 24: I'm All About Biddy

Language Arts: We changed things up a little bit this week to help with retention. First we looked up all the vocab words and then read each of the questions that were going to be answered, then I had her read the book out loud to me. This seemed to help a lot with retention but the goal is to get her to work like this on her own. The book is starting to get more exciting which has made it a bit easier for her. The project this week was to create her own creature. This worked out well for us because this week at the library they made styrofoam cup creatures. Phi's was the Rainbow Paz Bird. A pretty bird that helps bring peace and happiness to the world.

Math: This week we did math every week day. We were working on converting fractions to decimals and vice versa. She seemed to grasp this concept okay. Each worksheet was short so we didn't have to spend more than 30 minutes on each worksheet.

Social Studies: This week we learned all about when California became the 31st state in 1850. We also talked a little bit about women in California during this time period. The assignment this week was to write a rap, poem or song all about one significant California woman. Phi picked Bridget "Biddy" Mason. She rewrote the lyrics to "All About That Bass"...

I'm all about Biddy, about Biddy, no slavery. (3x)
I'm all about Bi Bi Bi Bi...dy
Yeah it's pretty clear,
She was against slavery
But she can handle, handle,
everything you put her through
You think she works for you,
but she is strong 
All the right strengths in all the right places.
She walked to Utah all the way from Mississippi
She moved to California and then she said STOP
California's free free
She went to court
She won her freedom, grabbed her daughters then she moved to LA.
She was born in 1818 and died in 1891
She worked as a nurse and bought a piece of land
She was the first black women to own land in LA. 
She was a smart business women and made a whole lot of cash.
I'm all about Biddy, about Biddy, no slavery. (3x)
I'm all about Bi Bi Bi Bi...dy

She did a great job! She also did a drawing of Biddy Mason. 

Science: Last week we introduced the concept of matter and its properties. This week we talked about different ways to measure matter. We learned about balance scales and water displacement and the ever popular volume = length x width x height . We also went over the difference between metric and US measurements. This would have been a great week  to do some measurement projects with but they weren't assigned and we ran out of time.

One more week and then it's SPRING BREAK! 

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