Monday, February 23, 2015


Somehow we made it through 2 of the toughest days of our lives. We were surrounded by lots and lots of people who loved us and supported us as we laid to rest the patriarch of our family, Those 2 days were a blur. There were obituaries and an eulogy to write, flowers to be ordered and programs to be made.  The 2 days of ceremonies were filled with memories and images that I will never ever forget. Some were beautiful and others were heart wrenching.

On Sunday we all gathered together to celebrate Melody's 5th birthday. The day felt like is was mirroring what we had been through the last few days. It was cold and gloomy and then it would sprinkle. Then the rain, like all our tears, poured from the sky. The rain was hard and overflowed everything. The sky opened up, just like all our emotions had done. 

As the rain began to taper off the kids starting yelling for us to come and see. This is what we saw....

An absolutely perfect rainbow. It was breathtaking. A few days earlier my Tia Mary asked my Tata to gives us a sign that he was okay and happy. This was the most beautiful sign he could give us. This rainbow is right over the house he lived most of his life in. My heart really wants to believe that this was his way of letting us know that heaven is where he is and that he is joyful and still with us.

I also think this rainbow was a reminder that hope, renewal and beauty can come after even the darkest storm. Losing my Tata has been the biggest and scariest storm I have ever endured. I am no where near the end of it, really I am still right in the middle of it. But this reminded me that one day the clouds will part and something beautiful will reveal itself.

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