Punk Rock Parents: What's Your Color Name?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

What's Your Color Name?

Lately I have overheard Louie asking people...

"What's your color name?"

Of course people have no idea what she is talking about. Some people ignore the question and others will just throw a color at her. What she really means is 'what's your middle name?'. See I gave Louie the middle name Blu. Spelled just like that, no 'E". I gave her that name after my Mom and Pops. It has always been there nickname for each other. See when they met my Pops was in a band called "Los Blu Boys". In our house it wasn't "honey" or "dear" it was always Blu. It was just the perfect way to give her both my parents name. Having a middle name that is a color has obviously confused the kid. But then again this is a typical Wednesday night for this kid...

She wanted me to let you know that she HATES Bieber and was forced by me to wear this as pajamas.

Then I saw this on Facebook....

Damnit! Louie might be onto something. 

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