Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Homeschool Week 14 & 15: Mission Accomplished

We had a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday so after the usual reading, science and math it was all about the mission. Like all 4th graders across California from the beginning of time Phi is working on a California Mission project.  After taking notes, mapping out her essay, doing a rough draft and typing out her essay we were able to take Phi to the Santa Barbara mission to take a tour!

It was exciting to see her connect everything she learned to real stone buildings. Her favorite part was seeing the plaque to Juana Maria, the women the book Island of the Blue Dolphins was based off of.

While Phi and I were working on the research and the writing portion of the project, Phi and her Poppa were working on the mission model. The first rule was NO KITS. So my idea to run to Michael's a few days before the project was due was out.

Over the last 4 weeks Phi (with help from her Poppa since an exacto knife was involved!) , planned, measured, cut, taped, glued, painted and created what I think is the most amazing model of the Santa Barbara Mission. EVER!

TA DA...

I am so floored at how awesome this turned out!

The details are amazing!

Including fountains and grass and the cemetery.

I am so proud of Phi. This project is a big chunk of her social studies grade for the semester and she did a great job. 

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