Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dirt Road Diary: Pioneer Town to Big Bear Through Burns Canyon

This was our last offroad trip for 2014. We somehow managed to fit in 10 trips this year. For this last trip we did the Burns Canyon again but this time we did it the other way. This time we started in Pioneer Town in Yucca Valley and ended up in Big Bear.

Pioneer Town...

These are the cutest ranch hands ever...

Phi will be studying California's gold rush when she gets back from break. She is already interested.

Then we started the trail.

We started in the desert and surrounded by Joshua Trees.

We made our first stop at an abandoned mine. I can't stress enough how stops are crucial when you are with kids.

We have taken all 10 trips with these 3. The best offroading partners EVER. Muddy Buddies por vida!

This little guy is not even 1 and has 10 trips under his diaper belt!

The coolest part about this trip was the change in weather and scenery. We started in the desert with Joshua Trees, made our way through forests and ended up in the snow.

With each stop we kept adding layers of clothes. It got cold enough for Uncle Matty to bust out the furry hat.

Classic Louie.

We drove deeper into Big Bear and found even more snow.

We ended the day at a super good burger place called "Get It Burger" then we headed back down the mountain.

Check out how quick the scenery changes....

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