Monday, October 06, 2014

September Books and Gratitude

49. The Infinite Moment of Us by Laureen Myracle: a very unmemoriable book that I most likely picked up in hopes of another Fault in Our Stars. To be honest I have no idea what this book was about and I only read it a month ago.
50.We Were Liars by E. Lockhart: this was a good story and a quick read. A very Kennedy like family and a really shocking twist at the end.
51. I Just want to Pee Alone by Kim Bongiorno: A compilation of a bunch of Mommy bloggers talking about the horrors of parenthood.
52. This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper: I have had this book on my "to-read" list for awhile and since the movie just came out I picked it up from the library. What a great book! A sad and funny story about a family trying really hard to get through the death of their father.
53. Everything Changes by Jonathan Tropper: Since I loved "This is where I Leave You" so much I immediately grabbed another book by Tropper. This one was pretty good but it became pretty clear that Tropper has a formula that he uses for all his books.
54. Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass by Meg Medina: As usual I got my hands on some chicana literature. I really wanted this book to be great, but it was just okay. A book about a young girl growing up on the East Coast and her life trying to deal with her Mom's secrets and the school bully Yaqui Delgado, who for some reason it out to kick butt.

And always so much to be grateful for....

9-1-14: a beach day
9-2-14: fantastic girl scout meeting
9-3-14: My Momma's birthday
9-4-14: that they have each other
9-5-14: cool artist who encourage kids to be artists too
9-6-14: a pool day
9-7-14: my brother-in-laws birthday
9-8-14: fresh veggies
9-9-14: that Phi loves school
9-10-14: that Joey didn't get hurt!
9-11-14: Generous friends
9-12-14: a reminder that they are always watching
9-13-14: a night with my beautiful Boo
9-14-14: a successful surgery for my Nana
9-15-14: that we saved a box of girl scout cookies
9-16-14: my talented co-leaders
9-17-14: sky gazing with Louie
9-18-14: kids with kites
9-19-14: my family making boring errands fun
9-20-14: Friday Night Lights and yarn
9-21-14: 15 years with my Vero
9-22-14: silly books that make us all laugh
9-23-14: movie night with the troop
9-24-14: for Joey getting a cute costume together last minute
9-25-14: for trying new things
9-26-14: for my baby sisters birthday
9-27-14: being able to help my family move
9-28-14: bonding time for the cousins
9-29-14: new school portraits
9-30-14: a break from the heat. 


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    hi there. just stumbled across your blog and am stoked to find a kindred book-reading spirit. I've been meaning to read the yaqui delgado book for a while!

    1. Thanks! The book was pretty good! Let me know what you think! Are you on GoodReads??


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