Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Homeschool Week 6: I Will Survive

Language Arts: We got through chapters 6-9 in Island of the Blue Dolphins. Phi is really enjoying this book. We worked on the Novel Study and answered the questions for all the chapters we read. The novel study so far has been pretty straight forward questions. As a way to learn a little more about the life that Karana might have lead I made Phi her own profile on the Webrangers Site.  This is a great site put together by the National Park Services. Phi was able to make up her own Ranger Name (It's Ranger Itchy Kid) and she has her own office. There are lots of fun activities for her to play and learn.

Math: This week the lessons were all about different types of graphs. We did worksheets on double bar graphs, line graphs. The worksheets that we were given were 2-sided but the backsides had the answers on them as if they were from the teachers book. Since we got through the front sides in just 2 days I went in and just crossed out the answers and had her work on them. We did run into one issue when it came to Math and tutoring. Phi goes to tutoring for about 45 minutes on Fridays to work with a junior high kid on math. This week when I reviewed the work they had done, it was done wrong.

Social Studies: Coastal People was our topic this week. Joey and Phi worked together to learn all about how California tribes like the Chumash lived off the land. The assignment was to make a list of some of the ocean resources used by these coastal tribes. Of course Phi's was centered around animals.

The second part of the assignment was about how coastal tribes used resources they found in their area to use as trade. The assignment was to come up with something to bring to class that can be traded for goods and services. Phi had a great idea and decided to make rainbow loom bracelets as her good. Over the weekend Phi and Lili had some fun making rainbow loom stuff!

Science: Adaptation and accommodations were the topic for science. We reviewed how plants and animals adapt and accommodate in the rain forest, desert and coral reef. The assignment was to pick an animal make a picture of it and then present 3 different ways that animal has adapted to its environment Phi picked a camel.

Here is her presentation....

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  1. I love that book. Haven't read it since I was a little girl.


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