Friday, October 31, 2014

Last Pumpkin Patch Post I Swear (until next year of course)

We spent my birthday weekend with my family in Santa Barbara. It was the first weekend with the whole family at the new SB house and it was awesome. The house is fantastic! On Sunday we started the day with a trip to the Santa Barbara Art Museum for their annual Dia De Los Muertos Family Day. I ran into an Melinda Gandara from my UCSB days and it was so great to see her! She is so amazing and has been such a blessing for Hermanas Unidas UCSB. (See one of her speeches here!)

As usual the event was packed. The kids participated in a few of the crafts they had available. 

Then we headed into the museum to look at the art. Oh how I love art museums.

And of course I made the kids pose in front of the Siqueros mural. It still takes my breath away when I see it.

After the trip to the museum we headed back to the house and headed to the Lane Pumpkin Patch. The new house is close enough that we could walk! Well we all walked, Louie hitched a ride from Tata in the wagon.

I think we got through the corn maze this year in record time. We let Louie lead us for awhile (she is a Girl Scout after all!) but she lead us right into a dead end.

So we let Poppa lead and eventually.....

 We made it out!

Mom was very happy to get some photos of all her grandbabies. We love it when we have Chone with us for the weekend!

Besides our trips out and about, we hung out at the house and we did our nails, ate amazing meals, gave everyone walkie-talkie names, introduced the neighbors to our talking dog, made banana splits, drank beer wine and capri-suns and we toasted. Over and over and over again we yelled "CHEERS!" Because we had so much to celebrate. New houses, new ages, new jobs, new girl scouts, good grades, and good luck on exams.

37 is looking to be a great year. 

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