Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wait and See

After weeks of debating, talking to anyone who would listen and long talks with Phi, we made the decision to try the immune suppression therapy. We really have tried it all when it comes to Phi's eczema and what helped me make the decision was the 2 weeks that Phi was on steroid medication and cleared up.

For those 2 weeks it was almost as if she was a different kid. She was happy, animated, helpful around the house, she enjoyed getting dressed and for the first time in a long time got to wear sandals and short skirts. During this time there was a night we got home and we were hectically putting away groceries so I could get the girls to bed. To my surprise Phi had got Louie into her pj's, brushed her teeth and tucked her into bed. I cried that night because I realized what eczema does to her, how it effects her everyday.

I want that happy rash-free Phi everyday and her doctor thinks that this therapy will get us there. We went through the pros and cons and in the end we made the decision to try it. Now we wait and see. 

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  1. I sure hope this works, she's such a great girl.


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