Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Homeschool Week 5: I Want Candy!

Language Arts: Not only did we start a novel with a novel study guide to go with it. But we started a really awesome book that has always had a special place in my heart. Phi read the first five chapters of The Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell. I loved this book as a child because I grew up in Ventura County and we went on many field trips out to the Channel Islands. Phi also knows the islands well because she has grown up with them as the background to her grandparents house in Santa Barbara. We just started the book and read chapter 1-5 and Phi is really into the story. I am excited to read along with her.

Math: This week a fun packet was sent home along with a bag of Skittles. Yes candy. It was 5 pages and using the candy we worked on mode, median, range and mean. We also worked on more pre-algebra concepts and points on a graph. This was a really fun and interactive way to learn math concepts. I really liked the pre-algebra worksheet. each color was assigned a letter, r=red. Then you count the number of red skittles to determine the value of r. After you find all the vaules you can figure out problems like (g+y)-r. It was so fun that we got it done in just 2 days. The candy also help inspire us when it came to the science project.

Social Studies: This week's topic was all about the first people in California. We talked about the Bering Straight Land Bridge and the big number of different tribes that lived all over the state. We talked about the different ways tribes had to adapt. We talked about how the Chauilla Tribe in the desert had to adapt for the heat with their clothes and housing, while the Chumash Tribe in had to adapt to living off the ocean.

Science: Joey and Phi read all about eco-systems. If you have been following along since last year that you know that Phi and Joey made a working ecosystem in a glass bottle last year. This year the assignment was to create their own island with it's own ecosystem. The teacher said to get creative, so of course we did. Phi really likes working on the Powtoon site to create presentations. For her its much more fun than writing an essay.

And of course she made the island.....

I have to tell you that the blue jello ocean mixed with all the other sugary goodness makes this one really amazing smelling island. 

So between easy Math week and candy projects we all enjoyed week 5! 

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