Monday, September 08, 2014

Luke Bryan's Horrible Day: A comic strip by The Phi

The girls like to play that game where someone starts a story and everyone adds a part. While driving home we told a hilarious story all about country singer Luke Bryan and his tight pants. Earlier that day we had watched a video of him falling off the stage (again) so all our stories ended with 

"...and then Luke Bryan fell off the stage" 

We were cracking ourselves up and Phi said "I wish I could draw this!" and I suggested she make a comic strip. 

She did it and it's awesome. 

Top Left: LB is having a hard time writing a song. Please notice the full trash can.
Top Right: LB thinks some fresh air might help.
Bottom Left: He wanders outside to find a horse on the roof
Bottom Right: The horse falls and LB tries to catch it
Top Left: LB catches the horse
Top Right: Things get awkward
Bottom Left: The horse leaves
Bottom Right: LB notices his pants are dirty
Top Left: LB attempts to get his pants off to clean them but they are too tight. (typical LB!!)
Top Right: LB has an idea
Bottom Left: He decides to get his pants clean by showering in them.
Bottom Right: The plan backfires, his pants are now even tighter!
Top Left: LB can barely walk in his super tight pants
Top Right: The bottom of his pants get stuck in the door
Bottom Left: And his pants rip off!
Bottom Right: He heads to his concert and wants to celebrate with a ice cold beer and then Luke Bryan fell off the stage.

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  1. That is hilarious! I can't get my kids to hold their attention long enough to.... wait, what was I writing?


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