Thursday, September 11, 2014

Little Louie the Kind Hearted

See that empty bottle? It use to be about a quarter of the way filled up with pennies. When Louie was potty training she would get a penny for every successful potty break. It was our incentive program and she was very proud of the all those pennies. And because Louie is Louie she would also shake this bottle as a very effective way to wake up her sister in the morning.

At her sister's back to school night the teacher explained that there was a baby in our community named Cora. She was born with a rare disease and had already been through many surgeries. Baby Cora needed another one and her insurance company refuses to cover it. Our community has banned together to help and Phi's school is having a penny drive. Pennies for Cora.

That night my Louie found her beloved pennies and asked if she could give them to Baby Cora. The next day Phi took the bottle for Louie and added the pennies to Phi's class donation.

Under all that weirdness and crazy inside tiny Louie is a really big heart. 


  1. Anonymous10:56 AM

    LOVE . Louie is a blessing.

    Phi is, too.

    LOVE, Sherry P.

  2. Lou is the best!


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