Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Homeschool: 4th Grade Week 3

Language Arts: Alright I am just going to say it. Working out of the textbook is so boring!! The Accelerated Reading website is back up so Phi was able to test on a book this week. This week we studied a little bit about poetry and comparing and contrasting different text. The fun project was to write a poem comparing and contrasting two different things she did over the summer. She did a great job!
*we caught the type-o before she turned it in!
Math: This week we worked on estimating and rounding numbers. Math is still a rough patch for us so we started sending Phi to the tutoring time at school on Friday mornings. She was only there for 30 minutes and she worked with a junior high kid, but she finished almost 3 pages. Those are 3 pages that we that we didn't have to struggle with. This made our week a lot easier!

Science: We learned all about food webs this week. We looked at different regions and how food webs work in each region. The assignment was to pick a region and develop a food web for it. Phi, as usual picked the Arctic. This kid loves that area and I love her food web! The poor fish!

Social Studies: We are continuing with learning about California and this week it was all about natural resources. We talked about nonrenewable, renewable and flow resources. Our project for this was a write a speech about how we can help conserve one natural resource. So naturally we took this a step further. Thanks to a lot of help from Uncle Matty and Tia Karla (it really takes a village!) we have this amazing speech....

A Message from President Sophia from Elissa Lerma on Vimeo.

We had a really great week! 

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