Friday, August 01, 2014

When the little sister gets jealous.

Did you notice the super cute and very accurate picture that is our blog header for this month? I asked The Phi if she would draw a family portrait for the blog and she was very excited to do it for us. I think she did an excellent job and since she turned in her commissioned work she asked me everyday if it had gone up on the blog yet. 

So of course since Phi's work is proudly being displayed on the blog this month, SOMEONE got super jealous and has been drawing me pictures like crazy. Louie will hand me her latest drawing and then demand that I put it on "The facebook" or on "the instagram". We came up with a compromise and I told her I would give her one blog post to display her work. 

Here they are. Complete with word for word explanation from the artist. 

"It is a dinosaur and he really is going to the castle and so does he going to the castle and then he eats hot stuff. So he breathes fire too" 

So he has one eyeball. So does his friend. He comes from the Aquarium of the Pacific. And even he lost his friend forever. He tried to find him. And he found him and they were friends forever. 

"The Doctors" 
Doc McStuffins and even the doctors. And see he had the case of the big legitis. So Dr. Momma covered with whole bandages. And when she saw the other patient there was toys and sodas and like he was a doctor for stuffed animals and toys. He's a girl named Elissa. 

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  1. That is word for word greatness!! I love it!


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