Monday, August 04, 2014

July Books and Gratitude

38. The Last Days of California by Mary Miller: This was a kinda strange but kinda awesome book. The story is about a family driving across country because they are religious fanatics are are convinced that the world is going to end and they are trying to make it to California to be part of the last people on earth. The story is told from the youngest daughters point of view. This was one of those books that kinda lingers in your brain.
39. Take This Man by Brando Skyhorse: I waited so long for this book to be released. It didn't disappoint. You can read my review here.
40. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes: This book was all over the place for a long time. Over vacation I was finally able to read it. I was warned and advised to keep the tissues near by. So that made the ending a bit of a let down. The ending was pretty predictable and didn't leave me emotional.
41. Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher: I had read a trilogy by this author earlier this year. It was very 50 shades-ish so I was kind of expecting the same thing. This book is about an author who along with an ex-boyfriend gets kidnapped and left in the middle of nowhere Alaska. The book got really good toward the middle and was super suspenseful was a surprise ending.
42: Mommy Man by Jerry Mahoney: After reading about death and kidnapping I needed something a little more uplifting. This is a memoir all about one mans unconventional journey to parenthood. This story is so heartwarming and funny. A great read to end the month.

Only 33 more books to go!

July was a beautiful month filled with lots of great memories and so much to be thankful for....

7/1/14: Vacation month!
7/2/14: that my home dye job came out okay
7/3/14: family, food, fun and fireworks
7/4/14: living in the good ol' US of A
7/5/14: a movie date with my man
7/6/14: a perfect long weekend
7/7/14: summer nights outdoors
7/8/14: frozen yogurt trips
7/9/14: wonderful doctors
7/10/14: dinner with the in-laws
7/11/14: my buddy Karla for my step 6
7/12/14: being back in our favorite place
7/13/14: this amazing home that is ours for the week
7/14/14: kissing all the kids goodnight
7/15/14: seeing my whole heart so happy
7/16/14: Phi's rashes being all cleared up
7/17/14: Bass Lake
7/18/14: fun new adventures paddle boarding
7/19/14: my parents for another amazing vacation
7/20/14: Aunt Karla for taking good care of our pets
7/21/14: Movies in the Park
7/22/14: BBQ by the pool with friends
7/23/14: Louie can now sit through a whole story
7/24/14: A great dinner with great people
7/25/14: for my cousin Walkin and his courage and love
7/26/14: my Pops. Happy Birthday!
7/27/14: a great turn out for the girl scout event
7/28/14: cotton candy on summer nights
7/29/14: a new recipe that everyone loved
7/30/14: seeing Plain White T's in concert
7/31/14: my brother is one a great vacation, and he finally checked in!


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    Thanks for the review! Glad you liked my book! :)

  2. Just found your blog. Love it.


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