Thursday, July 03, 2014

Just Us Journal

Phi is showing lots of pre-teen symptoms. We know she is 9 but she has always been advanced. We see a lot of eye rolls and hear a lot of heavy sighs and don't hear much from her mouth these day. I am waiting for the day she wears the same Georgetown sweatshirt and black British Knights everyday. I understand where she's coming from. I was the oldest too. I too had a super cute, charismatic and troublemaker little sister too. As you can imagine Louie takes up a lot of our attention. She practically demands it. But Phi is happy to stay in the shadows and not be noticed (just like her father).

The thing is that I need Phi to know that I am always here for her. That she can talk to me about anything at all. I want to keep the lines of communication open. I saw this idea for a journal that can be passed back and forth. I loved it.....

I wrote about our journal over at HerMamas today. Check it out! CLICK HERE

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