Tuesday, July 01, 2014

June Grateful and Books

There was a whole lot to celebrate in June..... 

I am grateful for.......

6/1/14: celebrating my baby's 4th birthday. I still can't believe she is 4!
6/2/14: the times my kids play together
6/3/14: Phi's love of drawing
6/4/14: silly text messages from my godson
6/5/14: flowers blooming
6/6/14: good books recommended by good friends
6/7/14: my crazy sister Cari
6/8/14: wrong turns that lead to gorgeous views
6/9/14: summer nights
6/10/14: late dinners with our buddies
6/11/14: the team of doctors working with Phi
6/12/14: gifts ordered came in on time
6/13/14: 10 years at an amazing company
6/14/14: lifelong friendships
6/15/14: my badass Pops
6/16/14: dinner on the grass
6/17/14: my girl scout troop
6/18/14: some time spent outside
6/19/14: summer storytime outdoors
6/20/14: chubby babies
6/21/14: a quiet day at home
6/22/14: that I had the chance to help out my brother
6/23/14: Phi's friends
6/24/14: 8 years with my Joey
6/25/14: a girls night in
6/26/14: picture messages to Big Tata
6/27/14: my kids allow me to take so many photos
6/28/14: a fun afternoon on the lanes
6/29/14: a beautiful day with my beautiful family
6/30/14: kids book we can connect with.

Books 34-37

As far as my reading challenge goes I am about 7 books behind where I wanted to be at the end of June. I am hoping with our week vacation coming up this month I will be able to get a lot more reading done.

 34. Bared To You by Sylvia Day: Following in the success of 50 Shades, this book is right in that borderline erotic literature. You have the same high powered ultra-rich male lead, and the shy awkward female lead. There is a lot of sex and mystery. A quick read.
35. Reflected In You by Sylvia Day: This is the second book of the Crossfire Trilogy, because everything is a trilogy these days. This book has the same amount of sexy time as the first and gives us a little more insight into the mystery behind the hunky main characters.
36. One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B.J. Novak: Yes that guy from The Office!  I was excited to see this one at my library. I have been wanting to read it since it was released. It came at the perfect time too. I needed some short stories. My attention span was very short with so much going on in June. This book was filled with smart witty humor. I loved when he took familiar stories and told them from a fresh perspective.
37: The Bear by Claire Cameron: Now if you are a bit unsure about camping this book will help you decide that camping should never ever be done. The author read a news story about a couple who were camping and attacked and killed by a bear. The author used this as the premise for her book, except she added to small kids (ages 5 and 2) who escape and have to survive. This book is told from the voice of the 5 year old girl and it is as heart wrenching as you would expect. Let's just say thank goodness this years Bass Lake trip is in a house and not in a tent. 


  1. I read the first two of the Bared to You novels to get my fix after 50 shades of Grey but haven't finished the third yet. And seems like you had a great month! Hopefully it continues through July :)

    1. I didn't start the 3rd book! I think I might give a go later on!


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