Thursday, June 12, 2014


If you have the 1994 edition of the MHS Excalibur
 yearbook you can find this picture! 
The other night at dinner, Phi asked Joey and I if we had gone to our high school proms. Of course I did and of course Joey didn't.  The conversation lead to Phi asking us if we had boyfriends and girlfriends before each other. Then it lead to asking us how many!

We talked a little about some of the guys I dated in high school and college. There was the future fireman, the basketball player, the EMT, the Marine and a few more in between. Thanks to Facebook I was able to pull up pictures of a few of my ex's to show Phi.

With every picture she laughed at the guys and keep saying the same thing over and over, "I cannot picture you with that guy!". After our talk she said that Poppa was the only guy that she could picture me with. It made Joey and I happy, because that's they way it suppose to be and the way we both feel. 

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