Monday, June 09, 2014

Dirt Road Diary: Silverwood Lake to Lake Arrowhead

We managed to fit in an off roading day on Sunday. The Landcruiser Crew (8 of us this time!) headed up and started, kinda by accident at Silverwood Lake. A wrong turn had us at a vista point.

The views were gorgeous and as the guys consulted maps we got to enjoy the view of the lake.

2 ex-punk rock guys. In their peak they were surrounded by girls at rock shows. Time sure have changed, still surrounded by girls, now they are their daughters and wives. How times change.  

This was a new trail for all of us. With Joey taking the lead and a map with very little details, a lot of time was spent looking over maps and keeping our fingers crossed that we found the right trail.

As we traveled up the mountain the lake view was getting smaller and smaller.

We had to laugh when we saw a speed limit sign.

Traveling higher and higher.

Seems like dead carcasses are common place on our trips. This time it was a poor fox.

The roads were took had names like 2Y27G and there were different routes that had different levels of off roading difficulties. This would be a really great trail for the guys to take without the kids. When we have the little ones we always tale the most easy trail.

After an hour or so on the dirt roads we stopped for lunch. We found some shade, pulled over, opened up the tailgates and had some food! Matt has a refrigerator in his Landcruiser and this was the first time we used it. It was perfect for storing the sandwiches I made, as well as water bottles and chocolate! No more coolers or packing ice!

Mateo always looks at Joey that way.  A mix of awe and fear. 

Back on the road and the more we traveled the more forest-y the area got. The weather is starting to get to the hot side, but as we climbed the weather cooled down. We spent most of the drive with the windows closed and the a/c on!

The original plan was to take trails all the way from Silverwood Lake to Big Bear Lake. We stopped in Cedar Glen. Karla, the kids and I hit up a thrift shop while the guys figured out the game plan for the rest of the day. We were all happy when the plan involved a Mexican restaurant, dinner and yummy strawberry margaritas! A perfect ending to another amazing adventure!

Here is a short video from the road.....
(please excuse the corny country song. It was all that I had on my computer that fit the scene!)

Dirt Road Diary: Silverwood Lake to Lake Arrowhead from Elissa Lerma on Vimeo.
 (click on the HD to watch this video on HD on Vimeo. Totally worth it!)

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