Tuesday, May 06, 2014

I Accidently Went Country and it's all Luke Bryan's Fault

About a week ago the name Luke Bryan landed on my ears for what felt like the millionth time. One night my curiosity got the best of and I googled his name. 3 hours later it was 1 am and I had accidentally fallen in love with Luke Bryan. My obsessive tendencies have taken over and it has been all Luke Bryan all the time ever since.

It started with the "That's My Kind of Night" video. Somehow in the last year my life has taken a bit of a redneck turn. Songs about beer, trucks and fishing now make sense to me. I blame the damn Landcruiser. The song also made me want to pack my bags for Bass Lake for some swimming and drinking.

As I was sucked deeper and deeper into music videos, talk show interviews, concert performances and anything else on the internet my man crush grew. And the bonus is that it is a total appropriate crush because he is actually older than I am! He is a super cute, good ol' country boy with a smile that can light up the deepest darkest of dark places. And oh the accent.

And then last night I somehow landed on this video..... (caution foul language involved)

Can I just give a very very big thank you to who ever put this video together. Your time and hard work is very much appreciated by me. Usually about 4 times a day! I am not alone. This video has 2.5 million hits. And only about 500 of those are from me. This video is an amazing compilation of all of Luke Bryan's best stripper moves. And little fun fact about me, I appreciate good male stripper dance moves. And yes I loved Magic Mike and am very much looking forward to the sequel. Aren't you? 

Joey totally caught me watching this and just gave me a look and shook his head. 

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