Thursday, May 01, 2014

April Books and Gratitude

I was a total slacker when it came to the books last month. I only read 4 books! And they were all pretty easy reads. 

  • Buried Onions by Gary Soto: Chicano authors are my absolute favorite. My Mom handed me this book and asked me to read it because the book was good but the ending was confusing. So I read it and the ending was very confusing. It kind of leaves it up to the reader to decide how it ends. There is something about those kind of endings that are kind of unsatisfying. 
  • LA Candy by Lauren Conrad: yes that Lauren Conrad. I think I have started reading this book a few times and this time I finally made it to the end. Barely. The story is about 2 best friends who move from Santa Barbara to LA to go to school and intern with a famous party planner. Big surprise they are recruited for a new reality show. So it's basically a story based of her own experience with MTV. Very predicable. 
  • Carrie and Me by Carol Burnett: a very personal look at the relationship Carol had with her daughter Carrie. Told mostly through emails between mother and daughter this is a heartbreaking book. After a hard patch with drug abuse and a few trips to rehab, Carrie cleans up to be quite an amazing person. And then she is diagnosed with cancer and is gone way too soon. 

This project really has been good for me the last few days, it is such a good reminder that there is always something to be grateful for.

  • 4-1-14: being able to sit in on Phi's classroom and watch her shine.
  • 4-2-14: really good yummy food
  • 4-3-14: free events like Art Walk
  • 4-4-14: my first one on one Starbucks date with Mi Amor
  • 4-5-14: seeing family we don't get to see too often
  • 4-6-14: hot dudes like Ryan Gosling
  • 4-7-14: my memories of Roman
  • 4-8-14: the nice firemen who gave our troop a great tour
  • 4-9-14: Netflix and the way it allows me to binge watch shows
  • 4-10-14: that my girls have each other
  • 4-11-14: new bunk beds!
  • 4-12-14: exploring new places
  • 4-13-14: that Chone is so cool to her little cousin who adores her
  • 4-14-14: sunny spots
  • 4-15-14: phi's friends who help her feel better when she doesn't feel so good
  • 4-16-14: the show Parenthood for always making me cry
  • 4-17-14: Phi's love for science
  • 4-18-14: blogging opportunities
  • 4-19-14: making Easter memories with my parents
  • 4-20-14: my big ass family
  • 4-21-14: summer pj's
  • 4-22-14: a movie night with my girls
  • 4-23-14: the opportunity to experience a wonderful Latina Bloggers Connect event
  • 4-24-14: that my man is home
  • 4-25-14: that it's Friday
  • 4-26-14: my Nana and Tata
  • 4-27-14: a fun day at the fair
  • 4-28-14: that these nuggets were in my freezer for a quick dinner after a long day
  • 4-29-14: cool new photo apps
  • 4-30-14: my beautiful wonderful Mom

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