Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Land Cruiser Adventures: Joshua Tree Part 1 Berdoo Canyon and Skull Rock

Our little off roading crew headed out on Sunday. After a late and rocky start we made it to Desert Hot Springs / Indio area. We turned off paved road and headed toward Berdoo Canyon Road. We passed by all the people out just shooting rifles for the afternoon. It is crazy, people just set up their targets and shoot into the desert. 

Berdoo Canyon Road is just a very long unpaved, rocky and long road that leads into Joshua Tree. You can see a little of what the trail was like here (NOT my video). As many of you know I am not the best person to off road with. I am just too nervous. There are so many scenarios that run through my head. I am always worried about a car breaking down in the middle of no where with no cell phone reception. (there was no cell reception the entire trail). I am worried about tires popping, flipping over or just being stranded for hours with 2 cranky kids. Off roading makes me very anxious and apparently makes Louie sleepy. 

When we finally made it through the canyon part I caught my first glimpse of an actual joshua tree. I have never been to Joshua Tree and it has been on my "places to see in my lifetime" list. It was more gorgeous than I was even prepared for. 

There is something so gorgeous about the way the landscape is brown, green and this beautiful blue.

As we started on the geological trail we made a stop for sandwiches, drinks, stretching, pictures, reapplying sunscreen,

and some nature journaling. Phi made another masterpiece.

Louie made her own version of a joshua tree....

As we drove closer to the main roads there was so many amazing rock formation to see.

And of course tons of these....

The sky. I just can't get over it. 

Uncle Matty the nerd, he loves maps as much as Joey does.

Once we got on the main road we made our way over to "Skull Rock". We parked on the side of the road and explored. Louie wanted to take a picture in the nose so she could be a booger.

The weather was perfection, sunny but not hot. I was amazed at how you could really just climb and explore wherever you wanted. Even my kids couldn't resist climbing these huge rocks.

Our day continued with a hike and some star gazing. Part 2 coming up soon! 


  1. I'm getting a feeling. I feel like you thought the canyon was "long". Next time you get a Xanax before we go.

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  3. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Once you have kids your whole outlook on life changes the last thing one wants to do is take your kids for a fun trip and then maybe hurt the kids by getting stranded some where. Before kids I never thought about being stranded heck its part of the fun right? Not now I feel the same as you I'm getting better, but its a lot of work sometimes.

    1. It is a lot of work. And we take every precaution and never ever off-road solo. The kids have really enjoyed it and have seen parts of California that many haven't.


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