Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Homeschool Week 22: Cursive Writing, Multiplying with 2 digits, Citizens, and Telescopes

Week 22 is in the books! We read 4 more chapters in The Tale of Despereaux. We hand worksheets for each chapter and we worked on predicting outcomes, and how the author describes emotion and sets the scene. This book is really great at details. 

There were 4 more letters to practice for cursive. One of the letters was k and I swear The Phi can write a perfect lowercase k when she wants to. Look at the 5th letter on the second line!!!  

Phi has finally passed all her multiplication tables! She was able to do 100 problems in 10 minutes with no mistakes. Awesomeness! For school work they have moved on to multiplying with 2 numbers. She grasped this concept really quickly.

For social studies Phi and Joey discussed what it means to be a citizen and the responsibility and power that comes with that. The assignment was to solve a community issue. One group wanted to plant flowers in the park, while another group wanted to build a stage. Here is Phi's solution to the issue. I would totally go to a show there. 

As the class continues to study the solar system, this weeks focus was on telescopes. Phi and Joey studied different types of telescopes. The big fun assignment was to make-up your own telescope. It could be whatever she wanted. Phi decided her telescope would be able to see inside planets. After writing about what her telescope did, Joey and Phi got to make it. (He always gets the fun projects!) 

Here is the X-Ray Telescope 2000

As if this wasn't cool enough, here is how it works.

You look inside and see the planet and then with a "push" of a button the x-ray works and you see inside.

Here is Mars and inside its filled with Teddy Bears! And then there is Jupiter and when you see inside it's made of plants.

Its amazing what Joey and Phi can create with some clear plastic, water bottles, sharpies, construction paper, aluminum foil and painters tape. 

Another fun week. I hope Week 23 is just as fun. 

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