Punk Rock Parents: Olvera with the Quevedos

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Olvera with the Quevedos

Last weekend we finally found some time to get together with our BFFF's the Quevedos. We meet up at one of my favorite places in Los Angeles; Placita Olvera. 

 Olvera is right across from Union Station.

Like most weekends, it was packed with people, music, food and oh the colors!!!

And like always hanging out with my Comadre Irene is the best! 

 And Phi got to hang out with her BFF Isaiah. These 2 can always pick up where they left off.

We spent the whole day wandering the booths and headed over to the world famous Philippe's for beef dip sandwiches! Joey and I have always wanted to eat there, The girls came home with little guitars with their names on it. We stopped for chocolate and cream filled churros! Because duh, churros!

What a fantastic Sunday!